Feline Behavioural Consultation

Included in the initial consultation:

  • Discussion about the problem(s) you are having with your cat;

  • Explanation of why your cat is displaying the unwanted behaviour(s), including information about body language and communication and how animals learn;

  • Discussion about what your aims are and what the different treatment options might entail;

  • An outline of the treatment programme and initial stages of practical training commenced;

  • A written report summarising the consultation and future training programme which will be sent within one week;

  • Liaison with your referring veterinary surgeon as necessary for the specific case and a written report sent for their information and records;

  • Six months follow-up support by email or telephone to adjust the training plan if necessary and discuss any problems encountered.


An initial consultation will take around 2 hours and are £220, further follow up appointments if needed are £45. (Most insurance companies will cover the cost of behavioural consultations, please do contact your insurers prior to the consultation to check.)

Kitten Playing with a Toy Mouse

First Aid Immediate Behaviour Advice

If you are unsure whether to book a full behavioural consultation then this could be for you. 

We can provide a remote session via zoom where will will briefly go over the presenting problem and be able to provide management strategies for you to implement straight away. (These will require a veterinary referral still, as it is important a medical condition has been ruled out)

If you would then like to go ahead and turn this in to a full behavioural consultation then providing the consultation is booked within 6 weeks of the initial consult, then the price will be deducted from this. 

A remote first aid behavioural advice consult will last around 45 minutes and are £75.



Are you introducing a new kitten/cat in to your home? Perhaps a puppy? Or even the pitter patter of baby feet? Then this is for you! 

We will work together to ensure all the preventative measures are put in to place before the arrival of your new bundle of joy. You will also continue to have my support via email for the first 3 months after the arrival for any teething issues. 

We want to make sure your home stays a safe haven for all members of the family.

The consultation will last up to 2 hours and is £180. 

A veterinary referral is not required for this consultation.

Black and White Kitten